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Hi guys, if you follow me on social media it is very likely for you to know that I'm currently visiting the French Alpes. We're hiring an apartment in Val D'Isère, a ski resort located in Savoie. When you walk outside the door, you can almost immediately put your ski's on since our place is bordered on the slopes. So nice! So far, we've enjoyed Val D'Isère a lot since the town is quite big and there are lots of nice hotspots to visit. In this article I'll show you some pictures, but I will also tell you about a few hotspots I've visited. Whenever you're planning on visiting Val d'Isère, I would highly recommend you to check out these hotspots!
The first place I want to tell you about is called 'the Arctic Café' (this is their Instagram account). Next to superfood-meals this place serves organic coffee, tons of healthy juices and smoothies ánd sugarfree snacks suitable for vegans. Think about drinking an orange/tumeric/ginger skinny juice with a sweet potato brownie on the side. Or maybe you prefer having a pre-mountain breakfast consisting of porridge with homemade granola or avocado toast (gluten-free, if you prefer!). Uhm, yes please! The comfortable, modern/minimalistic interior and very good WiFi-connection (much wanted in this area) makes it the perfect place to sit down for a while.
Looking for a nice swimming pool, gym, wellness-center, squash court, pilates/yoga-class or anything else from this category? Centre Aquasportif has it all! They have a huge swimming pool and the fitness area is also very extensive. Perfect for the days when the weather sucks or whether you just feel like doing something else than skiing ;)
France is well-known for it's amazing pastries. Looking for a nice place to get your croissant, eclair or macarons? Please visit Maison Chevallot. You can sit down with a cup of tea and some delicious pastries on the side, but you also just take them home. This chocolatier/patissier/boulangerie sells plenty of heavenly goodness, for real. (located here)

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  1. ik ben er 2 jaar geleden ook geweest en vind het daar zó chill! Mooie foto's ook!