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Hi guys, as you probably know I'm always 'busy' living as healthy as I possibly can. Many times people ask me how I stay so motivated or whether I never feel like eating more carbs or something. To be real honest with you: I enjoy being fit and healthy and making progress (as in getting in a better shape) really keeps me going. Secondly I've always loved sports, so working out more because of my job isn't the biggest issue for me when.
I thought it might be nice to share some of my personal tips & tricks on how I stay fit. First of all: no, I'm definitely not a professional or a lifestyle coach or whatever you'd like to call it. All of this is based on my personal experiences and things I've learned during the time I changed my lifestyle.

1) Set a goal and be realistic. This is obviously where it all starts. Maybe it sounds like shooting fish in a barrel, but don't underestimate the degree of difficulty of it. It's super easy to tell yourself that you want to lose 2 kilos (for example), but think twice about the time you need to accomplish this goal and what exactly you're going (and willing) to do for it. In the past I've definitely made mistakes with setting a feasible deadline in combination with being way too hard on myself. The more realistic you are towards yourself, the less discouraging the result will be.

2) Make it fun to hang onto.  It doesn't matter what kind of goal you have in mind; it should never make you unhappy or demoralised to hold on to. For me, for example, food is a very important aspect. I love tasty food and whatever happens; I want eating to maintain a fun and nice thing to do. Luckily there are tons of healthy, delicious recipes on the internet, and those definitely keep me going. Because I want to hold on to my healthy lifestyle, I told myself to immerse myself in ways to not only eat salads. I take it as a chance to try out every optional vegetable dish or snack that seems good to me (in the right proportions, of course;), and currently I don't even miss eating stuff like pasta or bread or something like that.
And ehm, don't forget to treat yourself with a little cheat once in a while!

3) Walk, walk, walk. Are you someone who doesn't like working out too much? Whether you want to live healthier, improve your fitness or lose weight; sports are obviously essential. However, a lot of people tend to forget that simply walking is also a very good excercise. My trainer was the first one who told me about 'powerwalking' as she likes to call it, because a lot of models do this to enlongate their legs and lose centimetres on the hips. I always use the app 'Runkeeper' on my Iphone to track the kilometres I walk and the amount of calories I burn et cetera. I'd really recommend you to download it by the way, I've tried out so many of these apps but this one definitely works the best for me!
Without furtherado, racewalking (as in 6,5 to 7 km/hour) for about an hour can easily burn up to 400+ calories. Try walking to appointments instead of taking the car/grabbing an uber or something like that.
4) Write it down. This can be comprehended in many ways. For me it started with writing down everything I ate in a day. Sounds a little crazy maybe, but it helped me to hold on to my diet and be aware of all the nutrients I'd taken that day. Because I eat a lot of vegetables, I sometimes have a shortage on my protein. Writing down what I'd been eating made me decide to have a little more protein for dinner, for example.
I do the same thing with working out. On sunday evening, I always write down the days I want to do sports for the upcoming week. When I have a shortage on time to do sports, I even plan in the time I want to do powerwalking to compensate the time I'm not able to work out.

5) Drinking water is key. I'm pretty sure you've heard this before, but I really want to illustrate why exactly this is so good for you. In the first place, your metabolism reduces, which increases your combustion. It gives you great energy. Secondly, it's amazing for your skin since it's hydrating. Finally it's obviously really important to drink water when your working out! Caution, too much is also unhealthy. Doctors recommend an average person to drink 2,5 L water per day as a max.

6) Nice workout-clothes make you want to work out more. Without actually intending to sound like a salesman or so, I notice I work out more when I possess a good sports-outfit. It makes me feel more confident and it makes it more fun to work out. Sometimes I look like shit when I choose running as my work out. A nice outfit stimulates me to attend the gym, which I prefer because of the possibilities on different kind of exercises.

I hope this was helpful! xoxo Isabella

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  1. walking is such a good tip! especially for someone who doesn't have as much time to work out at the gym. but walking everywhere seems like such a feasible goal!